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"This work is undoubtedly the most important in my catalog, for two reasons.


First, it symbolizes my personal development. When I started sculpture, I first tried to fit into the "classic" canons of beauty.

I had to walk, produce, shut myself up for hours in my studio, to understand and know intimately that intention was stronger than aesthetics. This mask is the illustration. I detached myself from the technique to release my emotions.


I learned through this work not to be afraid of my darkest memories. This mask is the face of terror, facing death.

While creating, I thought of a dear friend who died in the high mountains. Fueled with adrenaline, he wanted to climb ever higher, ever closer to the stars, forgetting the dangers. The attraction, the desire, the challenge won out. And time, for him, has stopped. This time that suspends its flight is symbolized by the two gold watches, mottled and chosen for this tribute. Chosen for him.


Today, I still wonder: was it I who created this mask, or was it what allowed me to rethink my practice? I only know one thing: I will continue on my way ... 'There is no chance in life, only dates'. I had a date with this mask. "

Description: Cement, clay, resin

Dimensions: 38 cm x 32 cm x 12 cm

Year: 2020

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