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Bringing “natural” works to life offers me a unique opportunity to let go. Emotion invades me; it diffuses the intangible into the tangible.


Transported, I feed my artistic aspirations in a fairy tale that I build and deconstruct according to my inspirations.


Freezing the beautiful is an opportunity to recall the fragility of the moment, the difficulty of grasping nature in its original paradox: permanence and change. I also like to capture behind my lens the different states of matter, like water that keeps changing, snow that melts, wood that dries, stone that gets polished…


But to persist in wanting to freeze only the beautiful would be to forget that nature destroys and destroys itself. My work has therefore evolved.


Freezing the beautiful seems to me incomplete and naive.

Is nature imperfect? No, she is ruthless, demanding. It is to imagine that the mountain does not kill, it is to deny fear, oblivion and death. It is not accepting that frozen snow, in an instant, turns into movement and that the avalanche swallows and annihilates.


The wonder of nature is found in its change. When I walk in the forest, I see that the roots of the trees, symbol of longevity, follow the course of their life and die. Life advances and does not wait. Nature is changing, like us men. This is why I need to keep these elusive states and emotions. I rediscover the need to maintain the immobile state by sculpting the material with solid elements such as wood, stone, cement and plaster; Thus creating a brand, an emotional memory, such as the photos from our childhood albums.


My sculptures are made of plaster or cement that I mix with alabaster powder or other minerals. Woodworking follows a long process, after being treated and removed from its impurities, the idea of movement appears and an emotion is born. It freezes permanently and that's why I tell my story.  


I find it essential to preserve the primary and natural state of the materials and my sculptures. This is why each base is worked and adapted differently according to the final result that I wish to give to my work. The base is an integral part of the room; it consists of natural materials, very often mineral.

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