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"Twinning: A wood cleaned of its impurities, treated, and barely carved. Once cemented, painted and resinated, I associated two almost similar faces: one very solid, in cement, the other more fragile, made from a mixture of cement and alabaster powder.

Twinning has always fascinated me. The links which unite two beings in spite of themselves is an inexhaustible subject of research and reflection.

How far does the merger extend?

Is it an asset or a handicap?

Does the attachment created in the first light of life guarantee unlimited sharing and fraternity?

Is emotional dependence a brake on the love development of twins who have become adults?

How to find the balance with this genetic determinism?


All these questions guided my creation and this mirror game, between strength and fragility. "

Description: Wood, cement, alabaster powder and resin

Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

Year: 2020

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