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Sculpture Osmose

After having embraced a career as a photographer for fifteen years in France, I learned sculpture in the United States from 2015 to 2019, alongside renowned artists at The Art League School (Alexandria, New-York) .

At first, I worked with clay then, very quickly, I extended my horizon to other supports such as stone sculpture, wax or metal.
Nature is my primary inspiration. It allows me to find my little voice, that of inner freedom. I transpose it into my imagination and it becomes inexhaustible, inaccessible in its entirety. It opens the way to strong but ephemeral sensations.

I started studying nature in 1998 through my profession as a photographer. It is during more than twenty years that I learned and deepened the perfect balance between form and light, contrast and aesthetics thanks to different techniques used such as the photographic camera, film photography and then obviously digital.

Since 2015, I mainly dedicate myself to sculpture because it allows me to represent nature in its most complete dimension. The perspective of the object is no longer filtered, its material can be touched and modified.

Yolaine Rilhac Brochard - Sculpture (2).
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